Thursday 27 August 2015

Welcome to my ramblings

Hello and welcome to, my blog/place of rambling.

I'll write about whatever I feel like, I really don't have a plan with this... okay that's a lie I have a plan for my first 4 posts, of which one is already written... I guess I should tell you about it. The first 4 posts, maybe 3, I haven't decided yet, will be about James Bond in build up for SPECTRE coming out soon. First post is about "who is James Bond" now that it's been rebooted. Second will cover SPECTRE the organization and how what's in the first 2 films of Daniel Craig's tenure affect it. The 3rd will be a possible spoilerific post about my predictions of the film and cover some back story. 

Anyhow, that's my quick little intro to the new blog.

I'll write an about page one of these days.

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