Monday 25 September 2017

Bond 25 - My guesses 2 years early

Since it’s been announced and confirmed the Bond 25 is happening starring Daniel Craig and coming out in 2019, I figured, perhaps now is the time to take a stab at what should probably be the plot of Bond 25.

The end of SPECTRE left the franchise in a peculiar spot, it didn’t end as it probably should have. If you’re wondering what I mean, SPECTRE should have ended exactly like (SPOILERS ahead, seriously) OHMSS, where Blofeld comes along and tries to kill Bond but actually kills the girl, or really just intended to kill the girl (wife in OHMSS). Let’s start from there, shall we?

Bond 25’s pre-credits scene will open at MI6 in M’s office with Moneypenny, Q, and M trying to figure out how to contact Bond, because Blofeld had just escaped MI6 custody. None of them have been able to contact Bond and they call Felix at the CIA to see if he can help now having been promoted to Deputy Director. Cut to Bond and Swann driving down some country road in the DB5, along comes a car from behind seemingly trying to race, but as it passes, Blofeld is seen with the window down and a gun, and shots are fired as Bond tries to race and catch up to Blofeld but the tires are shot out. He pulls over and finds Swann has been shot.

Title credits roll.

That’s about as detailed as I’m going to get with what will actually happen in the movie, and I hope does.

The overall plot structure of the film will follow something like this:
Bond returns to MI6 after M and Moneypenny finally get in touch with him
Bond vows to hunt down Blofeld while being weary of whether or not MI6 and the intelligence agencies can contain Blofeld if captured.
Felix joins Bond in his hunt for Blofeld
Felix begins to notice that Bond wants out and to retire. He communicates this to M who knows already and is trying to figure out what to do about that.
Bond and Felix find Blofeld and his new scheme
A capture or kill situation arises with Bond in regards to Blofeld
Bond kills Blofeld much to Felix’s opposition.
Bond and Felix return to MI6 where Bond hands in his resignation to M and walks out.
M asks Felix for help figuring out who to promote to 007 and discuss the importance of the name of Bond.

Oh yea spoilers above possibly? This sets up what I think could be some pretty good “between films content” of M, Felix, Q, Tanner, and Moneypenny figuring out who is going to be the next 007. Webisodes or something on youtube in the hunt for the next Bond actor.

Like I’ve said before, the franchise dug itself a hole it needs to figure out how to climb out of when it comes to who plays Bond now that Daniel Craig’s Bond is actually James Bond.

This was a quick little stab at my hopes/thoughts for what Bond 25 might/should/will be. It needs to be the swan song Daniel Craig and his Bond, but there needs to be a clear transition to a new Bond, be it something like above where they try and find someone who can fill Bond’s shoes and become Bond/007, or that seamless transition of old where a new actor comes in and becomes Bond without any explanation (except in OHMSS where Lasenby actually says “This never happened to the other fellow.” We’ll see, what happens, Casino Royale was the reboot, nothing before that movie in theory had never happened in the current storyline.

If Barbara or Michael are reading, if I spoiled it, let me know.

As for who I think the next Bond should be… stay tuned for when I get around to writing that.

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